Saturday, May 2, 2020

Why Hire a Pet Friendly Lawn Care Service

Advantages To Hiring A Pet Friendly Lawn Care Service Your pets are extended members of your family. You love them and treat them as special as you can. You buy special food, toys, treats, beds, and more to help care for them. However, have you ever considered your Omaha lawn care service? Do you know if it is pet-friendly or are you risking the safety of your precious four-legged family members?  Hiring an eco-friendly lawn care company in Omaha is easier than you might think. Here at EcoScapes, we provide a variety of lawn care services to help you keep...

Saturday, April 4, 2020

5 Must Have Lawn Care Tools for Homeowners

5 Must Have Lawn Care Tools for Homeowners Every homeowner needs a basic set of lawn care tools, especially if you’re the do-it-yourself type. Having the following six lawn care tools close at hand can help you create the lawn and landscape you want. Read on to learn more about the essential items you need. 1. Lawn Mower First and foremost, you need a lawn mower. There are an infinite number of models out there, so make your choice based on your budget and the size of your lawn. Lawn mowers can have a hefty price tag attached, so the numerous options work...

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Advantages of Sustainable Landscaping

What is Sustainable Landscaping? Sustainable landscaping is making full use of the environment to provide natural key elements that landscapes require. Meaning the landscape is self-sustaining and no additional outside support is needed. The purpose of this is to reserve our natural resources and to help protect the environment. If detrimental weather hits such as storms and droughts, your landscape can recover itself quickly, with no need for human help. To identify how sustainable your landscape is, it’s essential to investigate the three primary laws of sustainable landscaping. Ecological, economic, and socio-cultural. Ecological: This is looking at how well your...

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

How to Create a More Eco-friendly Lawn

How To Create A More Eco-friendly Lawn A healthy lawn is essential for everyone and property owners can encourage this by making environmentally conscious decisions on their lawn and landscape care. Listed are Six Ways You Can Make Your Lawn eco-friendly: Mulch your grass clippings: Instead of bagging the clippings, mulch them. Doing so allows the clippings to decompose back into the earth, thus providing nutrients which in turn will eliminate the need to add chemicals. It can also help the environment because the production of fertilizers creates pollutants in the atmosphere. Also, fertilizers can often end up in natural...

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Why Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service in Omaha NE

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Why Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Service May be a Good Idea

Leave the lawn care to a pro

Hiring a professional lawn care company will save you time, money, aggravation and a possible trip to the doctor. But be aware there are many fly-by-night companies out there claiming they are “professional” and your experience with them may be anything but that. Do some research before you hire.
Hiring a professional lawn service in Omaha will save you a lot of aggravation not to mention time and money. But before hiring a lawn care company be sure to do your research. There are many fly-by night lawn companies in Omaha claiming to be “professionals” but are really anything but. Spend the time and make sure you are hiring the right company before hiring. We have put a list together of the top things to look for in a lawn care company in Omaha which you can find HERE. Following are a few of the benefits to hiring a professional.

Why it pays to hire a lawn care professional.

Your lawn and landscaping are the first impression of your home and let’s be honest, opinions can be formed quickly. A beautiful outdoor space brings pride and peace whereas an unsightly lawn can bring stress and embarrassment.
Investing in your lawn & landscape increases the value and curb appeal of your home. Did you know that a well-maintained lawn and landscape can add an additional 15% to the value of your property?
It takes a lot of time, knowledge, and physical work to produce a beautiful, healthy lawn and landscape.
Hiring the right professional lawn care service can take the worry out of lawn care not to mention the countless hours it will save you.
Improperly applied fertilizers and pesticides can be dangerous to the environment as well as the homeowner, loved ones, and pets.
There are a lot of different products out there. How are you supposed to know what to apply or when to apply it? Eliminate the trial and error and dangers associated with locating the right products for your lawn and landscape.
Think of all the extra room you’ll have. No more needing to store mowers, trimmers, blowers, edgers, pruners, etc.
Eliminate the risk associated with applying fertilizers with dangerous pesticides. ecoScapes professionals are trained and licensed to apply both fertilizers and pesticides.
Your home is your most prized asset. You can’t go wrong by hiring a professional to care for your Lawn & Landscape needs.
At ecoScapes, we offer an environmentally friendly solution to lawn and landscape care. We start with a soil analysis to first assess the condition of your turf. A licensed, trained professional then delivers carefully timed applications that are specifically designed for Nebraska’s climate and turf types. Our Pet Friendly products are designed to build a strong root system while enhancing the color of your lawn. Take it to the next level and take advantage of our aeration and over seeding services to further enhance the health and appearance of your lawn.
If you’re located in Omaha, Bennington, Elkhorn or Gretna give us a call at (402) 671-0453 where Quality and your Satisfaction are Guaranteed!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Care Service in Omaha

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Lawn Care Company in Omaha

All lawn care services are the same, right? I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we get asked that question. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, the services offered are similar, but the people, quality, professionalism, and how they go about performing their services are what really makes the difference. So, what should you consider when you’re trying to choose the right lawn care company? Keep reading…

Local Business or Franchise

Believe it or not but many of the lawn care companies in Omaha are actually franchised businesses operating nation-wide. While this may not always be a bad thing, such franchised based companies are sometimes focused more on marketing rather than providing the best service. I can tell you for certain that one such franchise even has a customer retention rate of 40% built into their marketing budget. In other words, they can remain profitable by retaining only 4 out of every 10 customers they sign up. Amazing what large marketing budgets can do isn’t it? You’re not usually going to run into these issues with a reputable local small business. Local businesses have much smaller marketing budgets, so they need to focus on providing excellent service and results to keep their existing customers happy. I wish I could say that all local lawn care companies thought this way, but unfortunately in this industry, there will always be those companies that provide a bad customer service experience, are non-professional, or do not provide satisfactory results. Which leads us into the second thing you should consider…


Gone are the days where all you had to verify the reputation of a business was word of mouth referrals from friends, neighbors, or family, and the Better Business Bureau “BBB”. A companies’ social proof is everything in today’s review driven society. Online reviews are everywhere including Google, Facebook, and Yelp which are the more popular social review sites. This is a great way to sort through and eliminate the sub-par lawn care services. It doesn’t take long to look up a company online and view its reputation. Can’t find the company online? Well, maybe there’s a reason for that. Does the company have bad reviews? Definitely something you should consider. I wouldn’t say that referrals from your friends and family aren’t important though as they are up next in our list of things to consider.


Ask your neighbors, your friends, and your family. Well, ask the one’s with nice eco-friendly lawns at least. We are proud to say that most of our business comes from referrals because we the take the time to assure our lawns are healthy, green, and safe. Ask around and chances are you’ll hear ecoScapes  name brought up. Why? Because we are Omaha’s top-rated eco-friendly lawn and landscape company.


Quality lawn care isn’t always easy to spot. Sure, someone’s lawn may look nice, but do you have any idea how many chemicals are being used to artificially get the grass that green? When we think of quality lawn care, we consider more than just how green the grass is. We consider the condition of the soil, how safe the lawn is for those that play in it, and of course how lush green and weed free it is. We recondition your turf for long lasting results rather than deplete its natural resources with harsh chemicals. There are other more subtle things to look for as well such as, does the lawn look freshly edged? Are there rut marks in the turf? Are there grass clippings on any of the hard surfaces? Was there debris chopped up in the lawn while mowing? These are just a few of the things to keep an eye out for.


Admit it, sometimes when you think of Omaha lawn care companies, the first thing that comes to mind is a junky old pickup pulling up with some mowers in back and 2 guys jumping out with no shirts, both with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. Who wants this pulling up in front of their home and working on their lawn? Unfortunately, this is a real issue in our industry and all we can do is do our part in changing that. When you choose ecoScapes you are choosing professionalism. From our branded vehicles and trailers and no smoking policy, to our trained, certified and uniformed “Green” professionals, we do our best to assure we are not an embarrassment to the neighborhood when we pull up.

Bonus #6 to Consider

Be sure that the lawn care company you choose is insured before hiring them. If a non-insured lawn service provider gets hurt on your property, there’s a good chance you will be liable. Or if they damage your property, guess who has to pick up the tab since they don’t have insurance to cover it.
If applying any kind of fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide, or weed control, you will also want to make sure they are licensed by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. This ensures they have studied and passed an exam in order to apply such products. Keep in mind though, being licensed does not mean your lawn care provider is doing their part in protecting you, your loved ones, and the environment.

If you are interested in working with a lawn care company in Omaha that meets all of these criteria, contact ecoScapes today at (402) 671-0453.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Why and When to Power Rake Your Lawn

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When to Dethatch Your Lawn

Before you do anything, you should check to see how thick your lawn’s thatch layer is. You can do this by taking a spade or a garden trowel and digging out a small wedge from the soil. You can then get an idea of just how much thatch is present. If the layer of thatch exceeds 2 inches, then it is time to consider dethatching your lawn or hiring a lawn care professional in Omaha to take care of it for you. You may have already noticed the signs before testing such as weak growth and dull grass color.
Keep in mind, every lawn project in Nebraska such as over seeding, aerating, or dethatching should be done during the cooler seasons which means the turf is in peak growing seasons. In Omaha where Kentucky bluegrass is the most prominent grass type this usually means in the Spring or Fall. You want to do it during this time of the year because the active grass growth is necessary for the instant and speedy recovery of the lawn.
One essential thing to keep in mind is that you should never dethatch your lawn when it is under stress or dormant which lawns usually are here in the middle of Summer. The process of dethatching a lawn at this time can cause damage to your yard which can takes months or even years to recover.
Customers sometimes confuse the difference between de-thatching their lawn and having it aerated. It is important to keep in mind that these are two completely different process’ and each serves its own purpose in the overall health of your lawn. Aeration removes 3” plugs from the soil that does include the thatch layer, but these cores are only pulled sporadically throughout the yard. Aeration is not the best option for removing thatch, but it does create a clear path for water, nutrient and oxygen to reach deeper into the soil. Performing the two services in tandem will yield the best result as aerating loosens up compacted soil and turf therefore helping to prepare the lawn for dethatching. This also helps speed up the breakdown of existing thatch. Learn more about the many benefits of lawn aeration in Omaha.

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How to Dethatch Your Lawn

When it comes to removing the thatch from your lawn, we usually recommended calling a professional lawn service because of the backbreaking labor and expensive equipment that is required. Excessive thatch can require more than one de-thatching because attempting to remove it all at once can result in damage to the grass roots.
Here are the three common ways of dethatching a lawn.
  • Manual Dethatching: You can purchase dethatching rakes which are short tined rakes that are specifically designed to dig deep into your turf and pull out the thatch. This is a cheap option when there is only light thatch but be prepared, it is hard work.
  • Power Rakes: Power rakes are the next step up and by far the most common piece of equipment used. Power Rakes are more like lawn mowers that have rotating rake-like tines that go deep into the turf and pull out the thatch. Before using a power rake, you will want to make sure that your lawn is healthy enough to recover.
  • Vertical Mowers: These are also known as verticutters as they have vertical blades that go deep into the soil and pull out the thatch. These are usually only used when thatch layers are extremely thick. Vertical mowers are ideal for lawns that are in need of renovation as you can adjust the blades depth and pull up most of the top layer of nutrient deprived soil as well.

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Dethatching is a job that no one looks forward to, but it is a necessary chore for a healthy vibrant lawn. It also usually requires expensive equipment that most homeowners don’t just have lying around. Of course, there is always the manual raking option, but come on, who has the time or desire to be out raking their lawn all day. If you think your lawn may need to be power raked, aerated, or even both, give us a call and we’ll be happy to take a look and give you our recommendations.
Speaking of seasonal services, did you know that Mulching Your Leaves in the Fall Has Many Advantages?